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What do cookies on The RM Centre website do?

We use a number of essential cookies; two, zsltssn & zsstssn, set by default, are used to provide web page analytics to the RM Centre.  Other cookies are only set when particular actions are carried out; please see the table below for more details

The user agent, device and IP location details are collected for showing store statistics. Instead of storing the actual IP address, the country name is inferred from it and is stored in the application.


Cookie Name   

Functionality Validity
zsltssnUsed to detect the pages visited in a particular session (Long term cookie) 90 days
zsstssnUsed to detect the pages visited in a particular session (Short term cookie) 30 minutes
zcidUsed to detect the cart ID of membersCleared after checkout is is completed
zcidg Used to detect the cart ID of guests Cleared after checkout is is completed
zcbid Used to detect the cart ID of Buy ButtonCleared after checkout is is completed
zsrefAssociated with holding referrer domain information.Cleared after checkout is is completed
csr* / *csr* / *csr, zmpncc, zfccnWebsite securitySession
_iamadt, _iambdtManage logged in user sessionOne month
JSESSIONIDHTTP session token identifierSession
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